Together we are BLACK YETI - a new lifestyle for the free spirits, daredevils, night lovers and fashionistas.


BLACK YETI got founded late 2014 in Austria, the capital of high mountains, beautiful landscapes and snow, yes lots of snow! We always had the feeling that something is missing in this world, something completely different. That was the beginning of BLACK YETI. 

Our goal is to make the world a better and more fashionable place. We don´t want to be like the others, we don´t want to offer the same things as others, we want to be different. Our community is the most important part of BLACK YETI, you are the most important part of this community. Welcome to our lifestyle.


We are looking for new and unique products all over the world, we climb the highest mountains, cross the largest oceans and explore all the unknown areas of the world to offer you an unbelievable shopping experience. So what are you waiting for? Join our BLACK YETI army and - #becomeayeti