10 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

1. "The Grandma-look"

Nearly every girl likes to show some skin at halloween, but don´t be to mainstream. Grab your grandmas favorite clothes, pull them on. Color your hair grey and put some old looking makeup on.


2. Miley Aka. Cyrus

Well, this one is simple. Grab your old teddy bear, put some sexy clothes on and do your hair like Miley does. And always remember, don´t forget to "twerk-like-Miley".

3. Creepy Marionette Doll

Simple but effective. Nothing is scarier than Marionette Dolls.

4. "Gooooooo Giants"- There´s a Cheerleader in every girl

5. The Comic Book Character

This one is a bit more time consuming. But it´s worth it. Have a look at some YouTube Tutorials and you will rock it.

6. Cruella De Vil

Become your neighbours dog nightmare. Put on some black/white makeup, wear your favorite faux fur coat - thats it.

Shop your faux fur cruella look
Shop your faux fur cruella look

7. Oh Mary...

Mary Poppins, our icon and most favorite movie star. Why not also most favorite Halloween costume?

8. eeeeeeeeeeeee macarenaaa

Piñata - 

Paper streamers and party hats. Thats all you need for this unique halloween costume.

9. The Powerpuff Girls

Dress as your favorite Townsville character. All you need is a blue, green or pink dress and white knee-high socks.

10. The Ring Girl

Scare the f*** out of your friends. Be the creepiest girl on your party with a simple white nightgown and long hair brushed into your face.

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