6 Winter Fashion DON´Ts

DON´T Nr. 1

WASTED "UGG"-Style-Boots! Just DON`t. NO, NO, NO, NO. Dear amazing people out there, please invest in high quality UGG BOOTs, your feet and the whole human species will say thank you.


DON´T Nr. 2

Winter Flip Flops! Just why? It is cold out side, snow is falling and people wear Flip Flops? To top it all, Flip Flops AND Socks, we love it - NOT. There is enough time in summer to show off with your flip flops, just not during winter.

DON´T Nr. 3

Fur Boots! Yes exactly, they look like the feet from Chewbacca. Do people want to look like him? No! He is awesome in Star Wars, but not as a winter costume. Girls wearing fur are great, but only men have hairy feet.

Major Fashion Mistakes
Major Fashion Mistakes

DON´T Nr. 4

Leggings are NOT pants. Girls please remember that: Leggings are a great way to complete your outfit. But, in Winter when it is cold, you need real PANTS - not only a shirt, and leggings.

DON´T Nr. 5

Ugly Fur Coats! Fur coats are THE must have for the whole female species, but this fur coat is definitely NOT from BLACK YETI. 


DON´T Nr. 6

Mini skirts in winter! Wearing only UGG-Boots and a skirt in winter does not prevent you from cold, it also does not prevent you from people looking at you. 

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